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Of: Antonio Jose Riether

Handball World Cup - AlgeriaGermany faces the third victory in the match of the third preliminary round.n - ​​Germany
Germany faces the third victory in the match of the third preliminary round. © Jan Woitas/dpa

The German handball team faces Algeria in the third and final match of the group stage of the World Cup. Follow the game of the DHB team in the live ticker.

  • World Handball Championship: Algeria – Germany 16:31 (9:16), 18:00
  • The third game of the World Cup group stage is approaching: Das DHB-The team aims for the third victory.
  • In Katowice it is against the Algerians who have not won so far: the live ticker of the match.
  • Toward To update Press F5 or swipe the smartphone screen down.

50 minutes: Dahmke scored the 30th goal for the German national team today and added the next one as well.

Algeria – Germany 16:29 (9:16)

Algeria: Khalifa Ghedbane, Yahia Zemouchi – Noureddine Hellal, Wail Melazem, Zoheir Naim, Rahim Abdelkader, Bounab Abderrafik, Benhalima Nori Selim, Abdi Ayoub, Mokhtar Kouri, Reda Arib, Daoud Hichem, Djedid Yacine, Sami Douchet, Sofiane Bendjilali, Bastien Khermouche
Germany: Joel Birlehm, Andreas Wolff – Kai Häfner, Paul Drux, Simon Ernst, Juri Knorr, Julian Köster, Philipp Weber, Luca Witzke, Djibril M’Bengue, Christoph Steinert, Lukas Mertens, Patrick Groetzki, Rune Dahmke, Johannes Golla, Jannik kohlbacher
Time Penalties: 2 – 1

48 minutes: The Algerians don’t give it their all, at least Hichem scores 16:27. But Germany works magic, Dahmke serves Kohlbacher with a no-look pass, the pro from Rhein-Neckar-Löwen strikes easily.

43 minutes: The Algerians slowly fall apart, Drux and Kohlbacher scoring the goals at 13:24 and 13:25. Two minutes earlier, the Algerian Sofiane Bendjilali had seen the red card after colliding with Witzke.

39 minutes: Kohlbacher continues to increase the result. Now Germany leads with ten goals!

37 minutes: M’Bengue scores the 21st goal for the DHB team, Birlehm maintains his nerves on the counterattack and shows his first great parade. Apparently, the 25-year-old is building on his strong performances thus far.

34 minutes: Jannik Kohlbacher received his team’s first penalty after kicking the ball. Germany scores outnumbered and now leads 20:11.

33 minutes: It starts with many goals, Germany scores twice, Algeria once.

31 minutes: Let’s continue in Katowice! At the break, Gislason changes goalkeeper, Birlehm enters for the strong Wolff.

HALFTIME The DHB team deservedly leads in the last game of the preliminary round with 16:9 against Algeria. The second guard of the national team Alfred Gislason gave the opponent too much room for maneuver at the beginning of the game and quickly fell behind 1:3. But after several impressive attacks and saves by Andreas Wolff, the German team scored five goals in a row. At the break, Germany is seven goals ahead of the North Africans after an increase in attack.

30 minutes: After a foul on Kohlbacher, Knorr is back on the spot and hits the point with a seven-meter penalty to make it 16:9. A few seconds later the siren sounds.

28 minutes: The second row players also show what they can do today. Djibril M’Bengue scored on 14:7 from a DHB team perspective, it all looks like another goal-rich win for Gislason’s protégés.

25 minutes: Andi Wolff has another great day today, the Euskirchener was able to save six of thirteen shots today. The German team now leads 12:7.

minute 21: Germany receive the next penalty, this time Juri Knorr keeps his nerve and scores 11:6 from the German perspective.

18 minutes: Alfred Gislason’s side have done very well here so far, with Christoph Steinert scoring the ninth goal of the day. New score: 5:9.

Handball World Cup: Germany vs. Algeria on live ticker: Wolff’s fair play action

16 minutes: Andi Wolff Fair Action! If the Algerians throw it at her head, she immediately sends a signal to the referees: apparently the ball came out of her own arm. Thus, the goalkeeper avoids a penalty for the Algerian.

13 minutes: Wolff shows the upcoming class parade, the Germans have been controlling the game for a few minutes. But Algerian goalkeeper Zemouchi also shows a brilliant feat on a Weber try.

11 minutes: Germany strengthens, Golla increases the result to 6:3.

9 minutes: Kohlbacher puts the German team in the lead for the first time, and goalkeeper Wolff makes a great save as the North Africans get their next chance.

Handball World Cup: Germany vs. Algeria – Start disputed in Katowice

7 minutes: After a foul by the Algerians comes the first minute of penalty for Algeria. Juri Knorr forgives, but only moments later he scores from the game to make it 3: 3.

5 minutes: Algerian Ayoub Abdi gives the Algerians a 3-1 lead, Patirick Groetzki makes it 3-2 in the fifth minute after a pass from Philipp Weber.

2nd minute: The Algerians take the lead, but after a foul on Christoph Steinert, Juri Knorr converts the first seven-meter penalty after 45 seconds.

Minute 1: And let’s go with the last game of the group stage of the German team!

Update, 5:55 p.m.: In a few moments it will start at the Spodek Hall in Katowice. There was almost a delay because apparently the German players were wearing the wrong jerseys. As reported by ZDF, the white uniform of the Algerians caused confusion. Now the DHB players are in black, they obviously changed their clothes in time.

Update as of 17:46: There are only a few minutes to go before the third and last game of the group stage of the DHB team against Algeria. The match will be refereed by the Hungarian referee team consisting of Ádám Bíró and Olivér Kiss.

Handball World Cup: The DHB team wants the third victory against the eliminated Algerians

Update as of 17:13: There are about three quarters of an hour to go before the start of the last game of the group stage of the German handball team. The DHB team can go into the match against the already eliminated Algerians without much pressure, the team of national coach Alfred Gislason is already in the main round and wants to regain self-confidence on Tuesday evening. Perhaps with another offensive exclamation point?

First report from January 17:

Katowice – In the first two games, the German handball team showed that they have the goal in mind. At this year’s World Handball Championships in Poland and Sweden there were previous group matches a 31-27 win over Qatar such as a narrow 34:33 win against the Serbian team. The DHB team has already reached the main round of the tournament with its second victory, but the mandatory task against Algeria still lies ahead.

Handball World Cup live today: Winless Algeria challenges Germany in the last match of the group stage

National coach Alfred Gislason’s team can play freely against the North Africans, and the Algerians are not under pressure given their results so far. Both Serbia and Qatar suffered defeats, so Algeria is already eliminated.

Despite this constellation, the sporting director of Germany, Axel Kromer, does not believe that there should be motivation problems in the German team. “Even if the game is not relevant for the further course of the tournament, we will not give it away. That would also be too risky, because you can only lose the flow with something like that,” said the 46-year-old.

Handball World Cup: DHB announcement before the game in Algeria – “We are going to get everything out of us”

So the game doesn’t make sense for the table, but Germany wants to be brave and focused. After all, it is also about showing the next opponents that the team works. After all, the main round is already safe against Norway and the Netherlands. “No one has the ambition to lie on the couch now,” Kromer said.

Motivation also seems to be high among the national players, defender Philipp Weber agreed with the sports director. “We play in a small flow that we want to maintain. The boys all have a very clear head and know how to face the game”, said the professional from Magdeburg, who added: “We are going to get everything out of us at the plate”. (Ajr)


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