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Alpine skiing: Thomas Dreßen on the Streif in Kitzbühel.
Alpine skiing: Thomas Dreßen on the Streif in Kitzbühel. © image alliance/dpa/APA | Expa/Johann Groder

The legendary Streif in Kitzbühel will be raced twice in the Ski World Cup 2022/23. There is a departure every Friday and Saturday. chiemgau24.de is part of the live ticker today.

Kitzbuhel – The Streif in Kitzbuhel It will be conducted on January 20 and 21. We are looking for the winners of the legendary Hahnenkamm race. Friday will be in 11:30 a.m. conducted, also on Saturday it starts at 11:00 a.m. chiemgau24.de is here for both races on the live ticker.

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Streif today in the live ticker: the current intermediate result

1. Vincent Kriechmayr (Austria) 1:56.16 minutes
2. Niels Hintermann (Switzerland) + 0.31 seconds
3. Adiran Smiseth Sejersted (Norway) +0.39
3. Dominik Paris (Italy) contemporary
6.Thomas Dressen (Germany) +087
15. Romed Baumann (Germany) +1.62
20. Josef Ferstl (Germany) +2.58
22. Dominik Schwaiger (Germany) +3.71

To run: The Norwegian Adrian Smiseth Sejersted turns everything upside down again. After the steep incline ahead of him, the pace is exceptionally high. He picks a high lane and is rewarded below. This is third place and it could be his first podium finish in Kitz.

To run: Two Germans are still coming. Dominik Schwaiger from Königssee is the first. He is still doing well at the top, but then stands on his own skis and avoids a fall. Time is completely gone.

To run: Ottmar Striedinger is sixth. We have seen the main favorites. Even if everything is possible at Streif, we will see a top result from Dreßen. And Kriechmayr’s chances of winning are very high.

To run: Stefan Rogentin from Switzerland shone at Wengen, he is already far behind today. But the sliding passage is correct, the material fits. Larch shot and Hausberg are dirty from the line, he clearly falls behind.

To run: Josef Ferstl is at the top, he approaches the race in a controlled manner. That is too timid, already in the first third he is far behind. No, nothing works, Ferstl loses every split time. It’s rank 15, Ferstl shakes his head.

To run: Beat Feuz enters his penultimate race. The Swiss rides the Streif today and tomorrow, then stops. He has already won here and wants to do it again today. The Olympic champion is back on top, but Kriechmayr is hard to beat there. The gap for fast passages is already too big, he won’t win that anymore. The podium is also not achievable in this way, Feuz brutally lacks speed. He crosses the finish line in ninth place, Kriechmayr stays in front and has a good chance of winning here.

To run: Aleksander Aamodt Kilde was the top favorite before yesterday’s training. He then broke his hand and is already showing insecurities at the top. In the sliding section he closes in on Kriechmayr. The race is wide open, the line is correct. We are on the local mountain, where he takes blows. He almost fell off too and barely made it to the finish line. This is sixth place, but luckily he arrived healthy.

To run: Now come three favorites in a row. Vincent Kriechmayr is supposed to hold the Austrian flag. At the top of the technical field, he is lightning fast and clearly leads. But now he’s also packing up the speed points? He loses time on the steep hill, but he’s still a tenth ahead. He gets more technical downstairs, but he can always get something going here. Kriechmayr burns out here and takes the lead. The crowd goes wild.

To run: Dominik Paris has won here several times, but is looking for his form this season. That fits above, now we are at the crucial points. Paris goes into the local mountain with the best time. He lacks speed in the sliding passage, he’s a hair’s breadth behind Hintermann.

To run: Johan Clarey of France is 42 years old and in his final season. He is a proven Streif specialist. The old master has trouble at the top, but comes close again on the steep slope. But he loses time again on the larch shot, that won’t be enough. Clarey is fifth, Dreßen follows third.

To run: Niels Hintermann from Switzerland is back on top, that’s a rarity. When he slides, the speed adjusts, he stalks Ganong. Now we come to the crucial phase. He is in front on the local mountain, the pace is correct and Niels Hintermann is in the lead.

To run: James Crawford of Canada is a podium contender. At the top it is in front, even on the steep slope, the time lights up green. Now Ganong staggers, Crawford arrives at the same time on the local mountain. There are two wobblers, he almost missed a goal and he is seventh. He can go so fast in Kitzbühel.

To run: Marco Odermatt is riding high and causes a huge moment of shock. On the steep slope, he goes off the line and avoids a fall in the last rut. Time is not important now, it was very, very, very tight. He crosses the finish line more than two seconds late, but healthy!

To run: It’s getting noisy, the first Austrian is on the track. Daniel Hemetsberger comes in well, he is in contact with Ganong. Between Mausefalle and Seidlalm everyone loses in Ganong, the line does not fit on the local mountain. He is sixth, Dreßen is still a strong second.

To run: With Romed Baumann, the second German is on top. The first sector fits, but Ganong wasn’t fast there. He also wastes a lot of time on the sliding passage, the material doesn’t really seem to suit the Germans. In the local mountain he is seven tenths behind, at the finish line he is more than a second behind.

To run: Mattia Casse from Italy is a secret favorite here. He finished third at Wengen and set his personal best at the top. Then after the Seidlalm he takes a hit and barely stays on the ski. However, it is his turn, at least in Dreßen. No, that is not possible, 57 hundredths are missing.

To run: Italian Matteo Marsaglia is a great technician, but long slides are not his thing. Ganong is too far away and won’t reach Dreßen either.

To run: Don’t expect too much from the 2018 winner in his comeback season. He catches light shots on top and is already wasting time on Ganong. From the steep slope he fights his way up and catches up on time. It’s a decent ride, 41 hundredths to go. The material is not in ideal conditions, the sliding passages were not good.

To run: Here we go, Travis Ganong from the USA embarks on the Streif in Kitzbühel. He dominated the course and set the first time in 1:56.62 minutes. Let’s keep going, we can do better! And now comes Dressen.

Before the race: The track is in very good condition. Even if the sun doesn’t appear today, visibility is good.

Before the race: Travis Ganong of the USA will lead the race shortly. Then we see Thomas Dreßen.

Before the race: We see Marco Odermatt with 7, Johan Clarey with 11, Vincent Kriechmayr with 13 and Stefan Rogentin with 17.

Before the race: Top seed Aleksander Aamodt Kilde of Norway broke his hand in training yesterday. However, he is out today and has the starting number 14.

Before the race: The first of two descents is scheduled for today, let’s see the start list. Thomas Dreßen is second on the track, Romed Baumann has the starting number 5. Josef Ferstl is 16, Dominik Schwaiger 20 and Andreas Sander 23.

Before the race: Hello and welcome to the Streif live ticker today in Kitzbühel.

Streif in the live ticker: The preliminary report on the first drop

The men’s national coach Christian Schwaiger then expects troubled speed team of the German Ski Association (DSV) an increase in performance. “We’ve got to get back the momentum we had in North America,” the 54-year-old said, referring to decent early season results at Lake Louise and Beaver Creek.

Streif today in the live ticker: Waiting for the trend change in Kitzbühel

“We have to drive more technically and push ourselves to the limit again. us I definitely have other aspirations besides finishing 15, 20 or 30», stressed Schwaiger. In Kitzbühel, where there are two starts on Friday and Saturday, there is now a new opportunity.

Former ski star Felix Neureuther had been puzzled by the weakness of the Germans and wondered if it could also have a material problem. “I think we have to look at ourselves for responsibility and not so much at coordinating materials,” Schwaiger said.

Streif in the live ticker: Dreßen as a beacon of hope

Thomas Dreßen’s comeback last weekend gave the coach confidence. Even if it was only enough for 23rd downhill at Wengen, it was a “important and positive career” for Dreßen condition.

“You could see it was in the He does not rely so much on fast and technical passages. You just need trust. He currently has to work on things from race to race that used to be taken for granted,” Schwaiger said of the 2018 Streif winner. “But that’s normal after such a long break from racing and he’s on the right track.”

favorites to win on Friday are the Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, the Swiss Marco Odermatt and the Austrian Vincent Kriechmayr. Here is the starter list

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